MULTI DAGGER DEFENSE 5.5IN X 2.5IN Mold || Silicone mold for novelty and self defense purposes only


Please check your local laws regarding ownership of the finished product of these molds. Backfist Customs, LLC is not responsible for any legal fees, etc., stemming from ownership or use of the finished product of these molds. They are sold for novelty purposes only.


Why polyester glitter over craft glitter?

CRAFT GLITTER (we do not carry)
• more affordable
• found in most craft stores
• one pound only covers 14 sqft
• prolonged UV exposure will dull sparkle

POLYESTER GLITTER (The only type we carry)
• UV resistant
• solvent resistant
• sparkle will not dull
• high-quality material
• one pound covers 100 sqft
• lays flatter than craft glitter
• holds up to higher temperatures than craft glitter

Our line of cosmetic grade glitters are rated safe for use on the skin and can be used in a variety of ways: eye shadow, lipstick, glitter tattoos, nail polish, and more!
All cosmetic grade glitters on our site are stated as such in the listing title.

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