NEON AIRBRUSH PAINT || Set of 9 neon colors


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Airbrush Color Fluorescent

Jacquard Airbrush paint is a rich, stunning paint specially formulated for airbrushing on any surface including fabric, leather, wood and many more.

Jacquard colors are bright, clear, inter-mixable, and airbrush like a dream.

Jacquard Airbrush Colors can be sprayed straight from the bottle with airbrushes with a nozzle size of 0.21mm or larger. For use with smaller nozzle sizes, Jacquard Airbrush Colors can be reduced with Jacquard Airbrush Medium

Jacquard Airbrush Fluorescent Colors are bright neon colours which work best when applied over a white base.
Jacquard Airbrush Opaque Colors are rich, intense colors which are formulated to give solid color definition.

Colors include:

Neon Yellow
Neon Hot Pink
Neon Blue
Neon Green
Neon Violet
Neon Orange
Neon Raspberry
Neon Sunburst
Neon Red

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