Single Letter ONLY - Giant pink letters SILICONE MOLDS || approx. 5.16in x 5.98in x 1.7in


In stock now ready to post. Ideal for resin or cake making

***Please read the disclaimer***

- Quality end results with easy to pop out the molds once completed with smooth inside of letters for perfect resin letter finish every time. After using the molds return to their original shape very quickly for next use.

They have a depth of up to 1.7 inches so you can choose either a thin letter or make a chunky letter according to own preference and styling.

Perfect for adding fairy lights or waterproof neon elements.

- For resin art: 8.45 fluid ounces (240ml of resin per letter) needed at depth of 1 inch (2.54cm)


This is the perfect set of molds for making beautiful custom resin art letters for your clients with perfect results every time and a life span of 10 years!

- Flexible - fold it or roll it! Non Stick. Wipe clean - or wash in dishwasher or soapy water.

- Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven and Freezer Safe. Heat temperature tested from -60degC to +230degC. All our silicone molds are FDA and CE approved.


Width: 5.16 Inches / (131 - 167 mm)
Height: 5.98 Inches / (152 mm)
Depth: 1.712598 / (43.5 mm)

Weight: 2.82 - 3.52 Ounce / (80 - 100 grams)

Also great for making cakes

Say ANYTHING you like with cake.

Most letters are the equivalent of approx. 2 cupcakes. The M and W are more like 3 cupcakes each and an I around 1.5. A 2lb loaf mix fills approx. 9 letters.

Make very unusual resins, concrete, chocolate, ice, cakes with these unique non-stick silicone molds. Good for hundreds of uses, tested from 230 to -40 degrees C, Flexible - fold it or roll it ! Non Stick Wipe clean - or wash in dishwasher or with soapy water Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven and Freezer Safe,

Smooth inside finish for perfect finish whether it’s cake mix or resin!

Does not absorb smells or taste !. Each letter is approx. 115mm long, various widths (W and M are the biggest) and 40mm deep.

This listing is for a full Alphabet set of 26 individual Letter molds.

- FDA Approved as Food-Safe.

*** Disclaimer: while these molds have multiple uses, they may not be interchangeable between all of them. You should not bake in molds that have been used for crafting. You can convert molds used for baking to crafting molds, but please never bake or eat out of molds that have had chemicals in them such as epoxy resin. Backfist Customs Glitter is not responsible for how you choose to use these molds, or any consequences that may come from how you’ve chosen to use them. I suggest buying separate sets and labeling them accordingly if you want to both bake and craft in these silicone molds. If you have specific questions about health safety, we suggest you consult your medical professionals.

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