Liquid Fusion – 2 oz



Apply a very thin layer of Quick Coat to your work with a brush or your gloved finger. After the first layer is dry to the touch, apply a second layer in the same fashion as the first.

Make certain Quick Coat is completely dry before applying resin. You can use a dryer or heat gun to speed up this process.

Surface Prep: All surfaces must be clean and free of dust or oil before application. To remove grease or oil, use a kitchen degreaser then wipe with acetone. For metal application, clean with acetone then apply CCDIY Stick Tight to increase adhesion. For 3D Crete clean loose dust with a brush before application.

Directions: Use a foam or soft bristle brush to apply a thin layer to your work. Allow Quick Coat to dry to the touch before applying another coat, if needed. Use a fan or heat gun to speed up the dry time, if necessary.

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